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4 Branches in Gujarat, India (Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Rajkot & Morbi)

Naadi Pareeksha... Ayurveda's unique diagnostic technique

Shirodhara... Feel the bliss...

Ayurveda, Ancient yet timeless, Aims to achieve optimal health and well being by pure and harmless herbs & therapies. Ayurveda, the rich legacy of Indian culture and heritage is one of the best paths to attend holistic health.

-Dr. Janak M. Upadhyay

(BSAM-Gold Medalist, Guj.Ayu.Uni. First, Ex. Director-Dept. of Ayurveda, Govt. of Gujarat)

Ayurveda is the science of life, the knowledge of longevity. To get the knowledge of teachings of Ayurveda is an honour and privilege. We at Atharva Ayurveda are determined to extend the essence of Ayurveda through our expertise and knowledge. Let’s all live long, let’s all live healthy and happy.

-Dr. Kedar J. Upadhyay

(BAMS, PGDYN, MBA-Health care)

We are Atharva Ayurveda

One of the most respected names in Ayurvedic treatment in Gujarat, Atharva Ayurveda & Panchakarma Centre is well known for its detailed diagnosis and time tested research based treatment protocol.

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Why Atharva Ayurveda & Panchakarma Centre?

Most experienced and skilled Ayurvedic doctors in Ahmedabad, Detailed diagnostic parameters along with Naadi Pareeksha, Effective and extensive time tested best Ayurvedic treatment, Amalgamation of scientific modern aspects & Classical Ayurveda principles, and Customized & holistic approach makes Atharva Ayurveda one of the best Ayurveda treatment centers in Ahmedabad & Gujarat.

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Maintenance of health is the first goal of Ayurveda.


Based on our vast experience and knowledge, we have developed the mastery over treating the ailments.


Panchakarma is a unique & very effective process of Ayurveda.

Music Therapy

Based on our researches and knowledge we have established Euphonious Healing Music Therapy and Research Centre.

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