About Dr Kedar


Dr. Kedar J. Upadhyay is a registered Ayurved doctor. He has pursued his B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurved medicines & Surgery) degree from the world famous ‘Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar.’ Dr. Kedar also holds a post graduation diploma in Yoga & Naturopathy from the same university. Apart from excellence in Ayurved diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Kedar is also a Yoga and Naturopathy expert and consultant. Dr. Kedar also holds a degree in MBA with special emphasis on Healthcare Management.

Dr. Kedar Upadhyay is practicing Ayurveda since 2010 with utmost sincerity which has resulted into high regards & respect from the society. Dr. Kedar Upadhyay has an expertise in all chronic disorders like Arthritis, Infertility, digestive disorders, & skin diseases to name a few. Amalgamation of classical Ayurveda principles with scientific modern approach has been a key factor of Dr. Kedar Upadhyay’s diagnosis & treatment parameters. Dr. Kedar has been writing health and Ayurved related columns in a daily newspaper “Gandhinagar Samachar” since 2011. The columns are highly popular and followed by the society.

Apart from Ayurved, Dr. Kedar Upadhyay is also a scholar in music therapy. His research paper in music therapy has won the best paper award in an international conference. He is one of the founder members of a music therapy clinic named “Euphonious Healing music therapy clinic and research center”. This center is first of its kind in Gujarat which provides music therapy as a treatment with most sincere and scientific manner.