About Dr Janak


Ayurvedic Consultation in Ahmedabad

One of the most veteran & respected Ayurveda physicians of Gujarat, Dr. Janak M. Upadhyay holds more than 35 years of experience in the field of Ayurveda. Dr. Janak Upadhyay is throughout university first scholar & a gold medalist. His utmost sincerity and dedication to serve the mankind has led him to the higher planes of success and achievements. He has been a mentor & role model to many of the young Ayurveda scholars. He has served to thousands of patients worldwide through his Ayurvedic diagnostic and treatment excellence.

Dr. Janak Upadhyay is an Ex-Director, department of Ayurveda, Government of Gujarat. Apart from his administrative excellence, his technical expertise is also recognized throughout. He is one of the best Naadi chikitsak (Treatment by Pulse diagnosis) in Gujarat. The time tested medicine formulas developed by him are proven effective in almost all chronic diseases. In infertility, Dr. Janak Upadhyay has got more than 95% of success results, and is very well known throughout the territory for infertility cases.

Dr. Janak Upadhyay has been awarded and facilitated by various national and international organizations. He has been regularly writing guest columns in prominent newspaper dailies and magazines. He has served as an expert of Ayuvreda in various health related talks, conferences and radio shows from time to time.