Ayurvedic Treatment for PCOS/PCOD

Today, PCOD/PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease-Syndrome) is one of the alarming diseases in ladies. PCOS is one of the leading causes for obesity, irregular periods, sub-fertility and infertility in women across the world. Persistent acne, hair loss, unwanted facial hair and dark pigmentation of skin especially around the neck adds more to the complications.

While the exact cause behind PCOD/PCOS is unknown, the most reasonable factors behind is hormonal imbalance and Genetic factors. In PCOD, woman’s levels of the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone are out of balance. This leads to the growth of ovarian cysts (benign masses on the ovaries). Higher levels of insulin hormone (Responsible to convert Glucose/sugar into Energy) might also affect the ovaries by increasing androgen hormone production, which may interfere with the ovaries’ ability to ovulate. If PCOS is in heredity, that is if your mother has PCOS, you might also have greater chances of having it. Any type of low grade inflammation stimulates the ovaries to produce higher androgens which might results into PCOD.

Modern medicines have limited access towards treatment of PCOS. Fortunately, most people know about the potential benefits in Ayurveda and are in constant search of PCOS/PCOD problem treatment in Ayurveda. Ayurveda works on the Dosha principal. If proper treatment is provided after apt diagnosis, PCOS can be permanently cured

Ayurvedic Treatment for PCOS/PCOD

We, at Atharva Ayurveda, Ahmedabad provide permanent solution to PCOS/PCOD. Our doctors are specialists for Ayurvedic treatment in PCOS/PCOD in Ahmedabad & have treated number of patients till date. Ayurveda has narrated some of the most efficient herbs and compounds which remove the diseases in most optimum manner. We Atharva Ayurveda’s success principles of Ayurvedic treatment for PCOS/PCOD problems are given below…

  • Our detailed unique diagnostic technique which rules out the vitiated Dosha & root cause of the disease. The diagnosis also rules out your Prakriti (Constitution) which guides us to select best suitable medicines for you.
  • Our time tested extensive Ayurvedic medicines treatment protocol for PCOD/PCOS helps eradicating the disease from its roots.
  • Our Guidelines on diet, lifestyle, and Yoga for PCOD/PCOS supports the main Ayurvedic treatment for PCOS/PCOD

Our time tested guidelines, quality parameters, and above all, our doctor’s knowledge and experience make us Ayurvedic PCOS/PCOD specialists in Ahmedabad. Numbers of patients of PCOS/PCOD have been benefited worldwide through Atharva Ayurveda’s unique treatment protocol of PCOS/PCOD.

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