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  What is cancer? Basically, cancer is a name that has been given to Some collections of related diseases. In all the types of cancer, the cells of the body begin to divide and spread into surrounding tissues. How Cancer Is Spread? Cancer cells can spread to the other parts of the body from its […]

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Neem: Introduction and Uses

Neem tree is an Indian plant which is being used for its medicinal values for centuries. Almost 2500 years ago, ancient sages of Ayurveda have described numbers of benefits of neem tree. Today, modern medicinal scientists also accept these benefits after numerous researches. Let’s know the plant first Latin name – Azadirachta Indica English name […]

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Things you should know about OSTEOPOROSIS

Our body can be compared with a factory. Our organs are the machines of our body factory which continuously works for our body. The organs are provided energy from our diet and lifestyle. The minus point to be considered about our body factory is, the machines exhaust and become weak over the period of time. […]

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5 Ayurveda Herbs to Boost your Brain Power

Lots of patients coming to our clinic keep complaining about their child’s poor concentration and memory and ask for herbal medicines to boost their intellectual capacity. Everyone wants to perform better than ever; everyone wants to be first in the race. Our brain has enormous capacities. Ayurveda has identified it and provided the solution for […]

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Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes and Ayurveda

Diabetes (Mellitus) is a mammoth disease.  One out of every 11 person is a patient of diabetes. Unfortunately, India carries the maximum numbers of diabetic patients. Almost 5% of Indian population is diabetic. Many of them die due to complications related to diabetes. Let’s understand the disease and its treatment. How does diabetes occur? Every […]

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Natural Remedies for Infertility Due to PCOD/PCOS

PCOD (Poly cystic ovarian disorder) is one of the most widespread and disturbing diseases amongst the women worldwide and India is at higher risk. As per the study, one out of ten young women is affected by PCOD/PCOS. The most prominent cause for female infertility in India is PCOD/PCOS. There are various female infertility treatment […]

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Female Infertility

Infertility is one of the most burning health issues nowadays in the world. In India, the infertility rate has been increasing by 20-30% year on year. Infertility becomes a matter of concern because not only physical but psychological and social angles are also attached with infertility. For pregnancy to occur, the complex reproductive system process […]

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‘Ama’ & its Cure

Ama is a unique concept of Ayurveda for which modern chemistry has no correlate. It is an important factor in a cause of disease and in modification of disease process. Ama originates from improperly digested toxic particles that clog the channels in the body. Some of these channels are physical and include the intestines, lymphatic […]

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Motive of Ayurveda

The motive of Ayurveda is complete health for all. Ayurveda first believes in maintenance of health. Ayurveda lets the healthy person be more healthy and helps one to be devoid of any diseases. So, first protect one’s healthy state and if got with some diseases, treat it. Ayurveda believes in the removal of the cause […]

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