Why Atharva Ayurveda


Our Doctors:

Atharva Ayurveda is founded and run by highly knowledgeable and experienced doctors, Dr. Janak M. Upadhyay (BAMS-Gold Medalist, Ex Director Ayurveda Department, Govt. Of Gujarat) & Dr. Kedar J. Upadhyay (BAMS, PGDYN, MBA-Healthcare). They are amongst the most respected names in Ayurveda fraternity. They have treated thousands of patients worldwide.

Our Diagnosis:

The disease is mere reflection of what is hiding inside. The root cause of the disease lies hidden in the body. Ayurveda aims to treat the root cause. For that, apt and detailed diagnosis is inevitable. Diagnosis is given the utmost importance at Atharva Ayurveda. Perfect integration of Ayurvedic Diagnostic techniques like Naadi Pareeksha and Prakriti (Constitution) determination along with all the modern diagnostic parameters results into ideal diagnosis of the disease.

Our Medicine formulas:

Almost all the medicines are collected as per the Ayurvedic standard protocol. The medicines are collected from nurtured & fertile lands in auspicious Nakshatras carries optimum potency to heal. Right from its cultivation or collection to the final product, the medicines are under our expert supervision. This turns into excellent efficacy of medicines and provides outstanding results

Customized and Holistic Approach:

Each patient carries unique constitution (Prakriti). The treatment is provided based on one’s constitution. Guidelines of Diet, Lifestyle, Exercise, Yoga etc. is also provided along with the Ayurvedic Treatment.