Ayurveda has a large market throughout the globe. Some of the Ayurvedic herbs and herbo-mineral compounds are in high demand due to their efficacy and quick results. Out of them one strong contender is Shilajit (Asphaltum). Shilajit is known for its rejuvenating and aphrodisiac properties. It contains almost 85 minerals and trace elements the human body needs to function optimally and fulvic acid which helps the body absorb these minerals at a cellular level.  Almost all Ayurvedic pharmacy carries a product of Shilajit.

When direct sun rays pierces the mountains, it exudates the sticky resin. This resin is Shilajit.  Shilajit is mainly found out in the Himalayan ranges. This process is very slow and the overall obtained quantity of shilajit is also very less. It makes us worried about the quality and purity of shilajit which is included as an active ingredient in numbers of pharmaceutical products.

Whenever we buy shilajit capsules we never see what is lying inside the capsule, whether the shilajit is pure and of highest quality or is it something which will just create the placebo effect?

Well, there are certain tests which can ensure us about the purity of shilajit. We can perform these tests at our home to ensure.

  • Shilajit dissolves in normal or warm water. We can see blackish or golden shades in the water
  • Shilajit does NOT dissolve in the alcohol
  • When heated shilajit melts quickly and when frozen, it becomes hard like a stone
  • Shilajit has a unique quality. It absorbs the heavy metals like mercury. If we mix pure shilajit and mercury and steer it for a while, mercury will get dissolved into shilajit.
  • Shilajit does not burn with flames. When heated with a mini blown torch, shilajit melts and bubbles but does not burn

The rocks from which shilajit is obtained are of various types and qualities. In Ayurveda, shilajit is classified into four types viz. Golden, Silver, Copper, and Ferrous (based on texture). Out of these, Golden shilajit is considered as the best and ferrous as the worst.

We must see the color, and type of shilajit before it is heated and purified to consider the highest quality as all four types of shilajit converts into black tar like resin element when heated.

Instead of direct sun ray’s heat, nowadays shilajit is obtained through artificial heating to meet increasing demand. The quality of such shilajit is compromised as the natural process is altered.

Shilajit has been used in Indian subcontinent for thousands of years. Shilajit is best rejuvenator, revitalizer, sexual tonic and remedy for diabetes mellitus. Shilajit is safe and harmless and can be consumed for a longer period of time in proper dosage to gain optimum benefits. But yes, check the quality of shilajit by given parameters before consuming…

Stay Healthy, stay fit…


Dr.Kedar Upadhyay

Dr. Kedar is an eminent Ayurveda physician in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. He runs his 'Atharva Ayurveda and Panchakarma Centre' at Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Rajkot and Morbi. He is also a successful writer. He writes health and Ayurveda related columns in a local newspaper daily since last five years. Thousands of patients have been treated worldwide through his Ayurveda expertise.


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